2023 - Volume 6 [Issue 1]

Case Report

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus revealed by Libman-Sacks Endocarditis: A Case Report

Asmaa Elamraoui , Adam Fadoul , Yousra Hamine , Ghali Bennouna , Leila Azzouzi , Abdenasser Drighil, Rachida Habbal

Page: 94-98

Effect of Specialised Ayurvedic Protocol in Stress-induced Hypertension: A Case Series

Suvarna Prashant Mhatre, Vidya Nanvatkar, Prajakta Desai, Nilesh Kulthe

Page: 13-17

Rare Case of Tertiary Syphilitic Aortitis

El Mousaid Meriem, Fadoul Adam Fadoul, Elamraoui Asmaa, Mahongou Noel, Essadqi Fadwa, Drighil Abdenasser, Azouzi Leila, Habbal Rachida

Page: 42-46

Iatrogenic Dissection of the Right Coronary Artery during Diagnostic Coronary Angiography: A Case Report

Driss Britel , Nabil Laktib, Soumaila Nikièma, Zouhair Lakhal

Page: 99-105

Infective Endocarditis Revealed by an Acute Myocardial Infarction: A Case Report

Asmaa Elamraoui , Meriem El-Mousaid , Imane Tlohi , Ghali Bennouna, Leila Azzouzi , Abdenasser Drighil , Rachida Habbal

Page: 47-51

Twiddler Syndrome: A Case Report

Y. Hamine , A. Couissi , M. Khalil , H. Choukrani , I. Nouamou , M. G. Bennouna , A. Drighil , R. Habbal

Page: 106-109

Pericardial Effusion Associated with Left Ventricle Hypertrophy and Macrophage Activation Syndrome Revealing Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Case Report

Haless Kamal , Yamoul Jihan, El Aiassi Anas, Habbal Rachida, Leila Azzouzi, Abdenasser Drighil

Page: 52-55

Free Wall Rupture: The Fatal Complication not to Forget

Maaroufi Anass , El Jazouli Ali , Hamdani Zeineb , Habbal Rachida

Page: 110-114

Lone Atrial Fibrillation during Pregnancy in a Young Patient: A Case Report and Literature Review

Youssef Fihri , Jihane Fagouri , Driss Britel , Zakaria Lahlafi , Hicham Faliouni , Soumia Faid , Meriem Bennani , Hicham Bouzelmat , Zouhair Lakhal , Aatef Benyass

Page: 56-62

Right-sided Infective Endocarditis with Unknown Ventricular Septal Defect in Adult Complicated by Septic Pulmonary Emboli and Acute Renal Failure: Case Report

Hamine Yousra, Hamine Salma , Harouna Idrissa Seydou, Karim Fatiha , Choukrani Hanane , Obeidat Saleh Muhammed , Drighil Abdenasser , Habbal Rachida

Page: 152-158

Concomitant Pericardial Effusion and Pulmonary Embolism Secondary to a Systemic Lupus Erythematosus with Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome: A Rare Case Report

H. Choukrani , S. Abouradi, Y. Ettagmouti , Y. Hamine , K. Boumlik, R. Habbal

Page: 167-172

Toxic or Septic Myocarditis in a Patient Suffering from Aplastic Anemia

Karim Mounaouir , Mohammed Nachid , Ali El Jazouli , Meryem Haboub , Arous Salim , Ghali Bennouna , Abdenasser Drighil , Rachida Habbal

Page: 179-182

Myocarditis Caused by COVID-19: A Case Report and Literature Review

Mohammed Nachid , Karim Mounaouir , Ali El Jazouli , Meryem Haboub , Bennouna Ghali , Arous Salim , Abdenasser Drighil , Rachida Habbal

Page: 213-216

Saccular Ascending Aorta Aneurysm: A Rare Clinical Occurrence

H. Bendahou, M. Njie, S. Zahri, A. Abouriche, M. Haboub , S. Arous, G. Bennouna , A. Drighil , L. Azzouzi , R. Habbal

Page: 217-223

Chronic Total Occlusion of Coronary Left Main Artery Supplied by Right Collaterals under Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Inhibitor Therapy

K. Chawki , E. M. Rochd , M. Selmaoui , A. El Jazouli , M. Haboub , S. Arous , G. Bennouna, A. Drighil , R. Habbal

Page: 328-332

A Rare Case of Osteosarcoma Metastasizing to the Heart in a 30-Year-Old Woman

Jama Dounia , Haless Kamal, Selmaoui Marouane , Haboub Meryem , Habbal Rachida, Drighil Abdenasser , Azzouzi Leila

Page: 341-347

Cardiac Amyloidosis Presenting as Congestive Heart Failure: A Case Report and Literature Review

Ovaga B. E., Charif H., Charkaoui I., P. M. Mulendele , Abbassi I., Haboub M., Drighil A., Habbal R.

Page: 401-407

Case Study

Myocardial Infarction Due to Coronary Artery Embolism in a Patient with a Mechanical Mitral Valve: A Case Report

Sara Abouradi , Asmaa Elamraoui , Zineb Eljaouhari , Salim Arrous , Ghali Bennouna , Rachida Habbal

Page: 63-67

Eisenmenger Syndrome with Dextrocardia, Ectopic Left Kidney and Right sided Infantile Scoliosis: A Rare Case Report

Yash Shah, Sachin Gadiya , Tarun Nagula, Pramod Jha

Page: 82-88

The Role of Exercise Testing in Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome: About Two Cases

Dib Hassan, Karimou Bondabou Abdoul Wahab, Bouzouba Otman, Nana Yeboah Frederick, El Bahri Loubna, Oketokoun Arike Rachidath, Fellat Nadia, Fellat Rokya, Cherti Mohamed

Page: 18-22

A Case of Acute on Chronic Life Threatening SVC Stenosis Managed by Timely Intervention

Brajesh Kumar Kunwar, Atul Ingle, Anshu Thakur, Nikhil Varge, Subhashish Panda, Gautam Singh

Page: 36-41

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Simulating Acute Anterior Myocardial Infarction: Case Report

Yousra Hamine, Hanane Choukrani, Sara Abouradi, Mohammed Charfo, Meriem Haboub, Mohamed Ghali Bennouna, Abdenasser Drighil , Rachida Habbal

Page: 89-93

Cardiac Tamponade: A Rare Revealing form of Hypothyroidism

Anass A. Maaroufi , Ali A. El Jazouli , Brahim B. Nassour , Mohamed M. Nachid , Rachida R. Habbal

Page: 115-119

Simultaneous Stent Placement at the Common Carotid Artery and Ipsilateral Internal Carotid in a Critically Compromised Bilateral Carotid Circulation: A Rare Case Report

Brajesh Kumar Kunwar , Jayendra Yadav, Harish Naik , Aditi Jain , Vinod Yadav

Page: 120-124

Giant Pulmonary Artery Aneurysm Associated to Severe Mitral Stenosis: Review and Case Report

I. Tlohi , B. Nassour , F. Essadqi , A. Drighil , R. Habbal

Page: 142-151

Acute Myocardial Infarction Revealing a Polycythemia Vera: A Case Report

Y. Hamine , T. Ettachfini , A. Elamraoui , M. Rochd , M. G. Bennouna , R. Habbal

Page: 173-178

Complete Atrioventricular Block as a First Presentation of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy in a Middle-Aged Male: A Nouvel Clinical Entity

H. Bendahou , M. Njie , Y. Ettagmouti, M. Haboub , S. Arous , G. Bennouna , A. Drighil , L. Azzouzi , R. Habbal

Page: 183-189

Obstructive Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: A Potential Threat during Pregnancy

S. Abouradi , S. Zagdan , K. Badaoui , O. S. Obeidat , A. Asklou , L. Azzouzi , R. Habbal

Page: 197-204

Diagnostic Challenge of Fungal Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis: A Case Report

Zainab Boudhar , Hafssa Rouam , Saloua El Karimi , Mustapha El Hattaoui

Page: 205-212

Infective Endocarditis Revealing Laubry Pezzi Syndrome: A Rare Case Report

H. Choukrani , Y. Hamine, G. Bennani , A. Drighil , L. Azzouzi , R. Habbal

Page: 240-245

Bidirectional Relationship between Severe Resistant Hypertension and Extensive Psoriasis at Young Man: A Case Study

Haless Kamal, Boucetta Abdoullah , Jama Dounia , Ovaga Brigitte Esther , Drighil A., Benouna G., Arous S., Haboub M., Azzouzi L. , Habbal R.

Page: 300-304

Clinical and Echocardiography Characteristics of in-situ Pulmonary Artery Thrombosis in Morocco: Case Series about 4 Patients

Haless Kamal , Jama Dounia , Boucetta Abdoullah , R. Habbal , A. Drighil , L. Azouzi , G. Benouna , S. Arous , M. Haboub

Page: 315-319

Heart Arrest Revealing a Killer Coronary Artery

M. Naaim, M. Ztati, M. El Jamili, S. El Karimi , M. El Hattaoui

Page: 414-419

Tetralogy of Fallot with Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection: A Rare Variant

A. K. Sharma , S. Khatri

Page: 426-430

Original Research Article

Efficacy of Ischemia Reversal Program in Stable Ischemic Heart Disease Patients to Improve Quality of Life

Laxminarayan Sarbere , Sadik Khan , Preeti Sarbere

Page: 68-73

Evaluation of the Efficacy of the Heart Failure Reversal Therapy (HFRT) in Heart Failure Patients with Reduced Ejection Fraction

Syeda Sumera Imran, Sadik Khan, Imran Sabir, Rahul Mandole

Page: 23-28

Left Ventricular Diastolic Function in Sickle Cell Anaemia: Clinical and haemodynamic Correlates

Emmanuel C. Ejim, Nelson I. Oguanobi, Nneka C. Udora , Vincent A. Okwulehie

Page: 74-81

Patterns of Coronary Heart Disease Respondents in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Bangladesh

Md. Alahi Khandaker, Brig Gen A. K. Mahbubul Haque, K. M. A. Shafique, Md. Ahsanul Islam

Page: 29-35

Assessment of Lipid Profile Levels among Older Adults in Nnewi

Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ogbodo, Ejike Christian Onah, Chukwuemeka Samuel Meludu, Chekwube MaryAnn Ogbodo , Ifeoma Priscilla Ezeugwunne , Friday Alfred Ehiaghe

Page: 132-141

Vascular Age in Patients Admitted for Coronary Syndrome with ST Segment Elevation

Junior Rocyr Ibara-Onguema , Khaoula Bourzeg, Rim Zerhoudi, Mohamed El Jamili, Saloua El Karimi, Mustapha El Hattaoui

Page: 159-166

The Impact of Ayurveda-based Ischemia Reversal Program (IRP) and Poly-herbal Medication on Reduction of Resting Myocardial Ischemia’

Rohit Sane , Rahul Mandole , Gurudatta Amin , Pravin Ghadigaonkar , Prafull Yashwantrao , Rahul Jadhav

Page: 190-196

Incidence and Characteristics of Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation in Sudanese Patients Undergoing Heart Valve Surgery: A Descriptive Retrospective Study

Mehad E. Abdelsalam, Kannan O. Ahmed, Safaa Badi, Mohmmed A. Mohmmedahmed, Bashir A. Yousef

Page: 224-231

Ramadan and Coronary Artery Disease A Comparative Study

S. Abouradi , H. Choukrani , A. Maaroufi , K. Chawki , S. Arrous , G. Benouna , R. Habbal

Page: 232-239

Association between Elevated C-Reactive Protein Levels and Mortality in Patients with Pericarditis: A Retrospective Study of 160 Patients

Karim Mounaouir , Mohammed Nachid , Ali El Jazouli , Ismail Benhar , Meryem Haboub , Bennouna Ghali , Arous Salim , Abdenasser Drighil , Rachida Habbal

Page: 246-251

An Examination of Risk Factors and Quality of Life of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Foot Syndrome

I. E. Okeji , C. E. Ijioma , I. O. Abali , O. J. Orji , T. C. Olusakin , O. O. Odufuwa, O. Ofumwengbe-Evba , U. E. Ojumonu , W. O. Ngumoha , E. A. Kalesanwo , A. C. Onyeoguzoro , O. E. Aminu-Ayinde , E. J. Maduku , A. I. Airaodion

Page: 268-280

Dissimilarities in Females Having Heart Failure with Mildly Reduced Ejection Fraction

C. Hemnath , Asha Mahilmaran

Page: 281-288

Assessment of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Behavior in Children Post Cardiac Surgery in Early Childhood- A Prospective Observational Study

S. T. Swapna , Muthukumaran C. Sivaprakasam , Anuradha Sridhar

Page: 305-314

Does Tight Mitral Stenosis Protect the Left Ventricle?: Strain vs Simpson Biplan: An Echographic Study of 50 Cases

Youssef Fihri , Meriem Boumaaz, Mohamed Malki , Najat Mouine , Zouhair Lakhal , Ilyass Asfalou, Aatef Benyass

Page: 320-327

Clinical Characteristics and Outcome of Patients with Coronary Chronic Total Occlusion: Single Centre Study

Habibullah Moghal , Refai Showkathali , Radhapriya Yalamanchi

Page: 333-340

The Spectrum of Echocardiographic Abnormalities among Referral Patients in a Tertiary Cardiac Hospital in Bangladesh

Hemanta I. Gomes, C. M. Shaheen Kabir, M. Maksumul Haq, Md. Rezaul Karim, Syed Dawood Md. Taimur, M. A. Rashid

Page: 348-353

Outcome of Primary Angioplasty as Compared with Thrombolytic Therapy for Acute Myocardial Infarction

Shaifur Rahman Shohel , A. F. M. Arifur Rahaman , Imtiaz Uddin Ahmed

Page: 354-362

Risk Factors for Congenital Heart Defects among Neonates in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Amaewhule O., Otaigbe B. E., Opara P. I.

Page: 363-369

Clinical Profile of Ventricular Septal Defect in Children in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Bangladesh

Md. Abu Sayed Munsi , Rizwanul Ahsan Bipul , Maher Akther , Md. Abu Sayeed

Page: 385-392

Risk Factors of Hypertension among Cardiac Patients in Bangladesh- A Single Center Study

Md. Hasibul Hasan , Md. Abdur Rashid

Page: 393-400

Demographic and Clinical Status of Patients with Coronary Artery Disease

Md. Abdur Rashid , Sonia Ahmed

Page: 408-413

Frequencies of Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, and Chronic Kidney Disease among Coronary Artery Disease Patients: A Prospective Observational Study

Md. Shamiul Islam , Mohammad Zakaria Al- Aziz , Md. Rashedul Hasan , Muhammad Muniruzzaman Chowdhury, Mohammad Nasimul Goni, Md. Sarwar Hossain , Rifat Sultana

Page: 420-425

Demographic and Clinical Profile of Patients with Acute ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction

Atikur Rahman, Mizanur Rahman Mazumder, Mahmudul Hasan Masum , Md. Sohel Mridha , Md. Azharul Islam, Rashedul Islam , Zonaid Kabir , Ferdous Jahan

Page: 431-436

Review Article

Pharmaceutical Care Strategies for Stroke Patients: A Comprehensive Review

Sainath Chary Gannoji, Soujanya Durishetty , Raheemunnissa, Vedavathi Sai G., Shivankitha Kattekola , Purbai Dheeraj , Parsi Lavanya

Page: 370-375

The Trend of Increasing Redo Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) in Elderly Male Patients: An Analytical Literature Review

Lydia Tadesse, Yonas Tamene , Nirmal Patel , Selly Soto R. N., Sagar Patel , Jeffery Jacob , Suraj Subedi

Page: 376-384

Sacubitril/Valsartan as a New Possible Therapeutic Alternative for the Treatment of Hypertension

Anish Desai , Sunaina Anand, Prachi Sanghvi, Aanchal Gvalani, Priyanka Das

Page: 437-441

Systematic Review Article

Heart Failure Clinics: Much More than Pharmacotherapy

S. T. Dodiyi-Manuel, O. A. Ajala, E. Edafe, M. R. Akpa

Page: 1-12

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