Article ID:2020/AJCR/58266: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to One Simultaneous Single-Treatment Operation Treatment of a Patient with Critical Stenosis of the Aortal Valve, Left Coronary Artery Stem, and Sacred AncientGastric Cancer
B. G. Alekyan1, D. V. Ruchkin1, N. G. Karapetyan1*, N. L. Irodova1,
V. A. Sizov1, N. N. Meleshenko1, P. I. Nazaryev1 and A. Sh. Revishvili1 Please check all authors’ name
1Vishvevskiy Institute for Surgery (RAS academician A.Sh.Revishvili) Ministry of Health of the RF, Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya Street, 27, Moscow, 117997, Russian Federation.