Left Intraventricular Myxoma: About Two Cases

M. Rahmi *

International University Hospital Cheikh Khalifa, Morocco.

F. Merzouk

International University Hospital Cheikh Khalifa, Morocco.

A. Elouarradi

International University Hospital Cheikh Khalifa, Morocco.

R. Habbal

International University Hospital Cheikh Khalifa, Morocco.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Myxoma is a rare benign primary cardiac tumor, which can cause vascular complications. Neurological symptoms may precede or accompany the diagnosis of systemic embolization myxoma, most often occurring in the cerebral circulation.

We report two cases of myxoma, one of which was complicated by an ischemic stroke. Cardiac echocardiography revealed a pedunculated tumor presents on the basal interventricular septum, mobile in the LV chamber in the vicinity of the mitral valve. Surgical excision was performed without any operative or post-operative complications. Histological examination confirmed the diagnosis of myxoma. The clinical course was favorable, with no recurrences after 1 year follow up.

We recall the high incidence of embolization potential of this tumor, whose surgical treatment prevents cerebral embolic recurrences.

Keywords: Myxoma, emboli, stroke

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